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Mama Bear


As a millennial mother, I recognize that technology is an integral part of my young child's world. While my early childhood had no such luxuries like high speed fiber optic internet access or smart phones and my teen-hood was soundtracked with late 90's pop and AOL dialup tones, I appreciate the access this generation has. However, I balance granting internet access with appropriate supervision. My gentle parenting approach involves teaching manners, setting collaborative rules for our home, having open discussions about online safety and creating safeguards like parental controls or disallowing chats in Roblox. I aim to empower my son to make wise choices, not control his every move. We openly discuss the benefits and risks of various websites and apps. I model positive online behavior by not oversharing or scrolling mindlessly through feeds in his presence and censoring him from language that I don't condone. Together we create a family media plan that outlines screen-free times and internet boundaries adjusted for my child's age and maturity. While I want my child to explore, create, and find community online, I prioritize real-world experiences and take advantage of tech-free moments. I frequently watch the YouTube content that interests my son and check in with him about his digital life with gentle curiosity, not shame or harsh judgment. My goal is teaching him to use the internet as a tool for learning and creativity while protecting his well-being. With empathy, patience and teamwork I aim to raise my digital native into a compassionate digital citizen.