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Embrace the messy joy of raising little ones with Mama Bear Knows, a blog brimming with a toddler's curious peek into life, learning, and family. Dive into adventures like nature walks and DIY projects, celebrate heartwarming milestones with honest mama moments, and find a relatable haven for inspiration, laughter, and the magic of everyday moments. Mama Bear Knows empowers parents with household hacks for effortless cleaning and organizing, budget-savvy saving tips, and insightful parenting strategies. Discover engaging conscious parenting tips alongside homeschooling resources to nurture your little trailblazers. Together, let's build collaborative partnerships and embrace the beautiful mess of family life!

Mama Bear Knows:

BJ's Adventures

Get ready for giggles and heartwarming moments with BJ's Adventures, a captivating series of children's short stories starring my little bear, Brandon (whom we lovingly call BJ)!

Join BJ on his epic everyday adventures, where even the simplest tasks like grocery shopping or taking a bath become grand voyages of discovery. Through his curious eyes, the ordinary transforms into the extraordinary, filled with wonder and delight.

Dive into a world of:

  • Whimsical escapades: From conquering mountains of laundry to taming the mighty washing machine, each adventure is a hilarious journey filled with imagination and laughter.

  • Relatable moments: Every parent will chuckle at the familiar scenes, finding sweetness in the messy joys of toddlerhood.

  • Heartwarming bonds: Witness the special connection between Brandon and his loved ones as they explore, learn, and grow together.

    Don't miss the prequel!

Coloring and Activity Book: Meet BJ! These interactive books introduces your little ones to BJ and his playful world, getting them ready for the exciting adventures to come. ️

  • Preschoolers and kindergartners

  • Parents and caregivers seeking engaging bedtime stories

  • Fans of adorable bears and heartwarming tales

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