The Age of Questions: random musings


Mama Bear


black metal wall mounted hook
black metal wall mounted hook

Back when we were teenagers, I rode shotgun in the car without asking where we were headed. But now that we're in our thirties, I want an itinerary. I've got a family to consider and bills to pay - I can't just take off on a whim like before. At least tell me who's coming and what we'll be doing. I'm older now, with a compass of my own. Before I join you on a path, I need to map our route. Details, please. What's our destination? Who will I find once we arrive?

And don't expect me to take your side without good reason. I won't rage at an innocent on your behalf, not when you're the one in the wrong. I remember when I completely cut off friends over another friend's hearsay or held grudges with family members after they had wronged a loved one. This is no longer acceptable to me. My relationships are mine and mine alone. I bet you're reading this and thinking "duh, of course" but I cannot count how many times I've allowed someone else's opinion dictate my behavior and I consider myself pretty self assured and discerning. I'm sure you too can find a few examples as well.

We have to demand better - of ourselves and each other. As the elders say, right is right and wrong is wrong. Accountability is key.