Space Saving (in the kitchen)


Mama Bear


Living with a shoebox kitchen requires some creative thinking to maximize every inch. I've found myself turning to multifunctional tools and storage solutions to make the most of my limited space. Opting for devices that merge the jobs of several appliances into one helps declutter counters and drawers. An air fryer, pressure cooker, or toaster oven with convection cooking provides an all-in-one cooking solution. A powerful blender pulls triple duty for smoothies, soups, and sauces. Stackable pots with lids that double as pans allow me to cook full meals using just one burner. Baskets hanging from the walls hold fruits and vegetables while freeing up shelf space. Use drawer organizers, turntables, and tiered risers to neatly corral cooking tools, lids, and food storage containers. Inside cabinets, add extra shelves, stacking racks, or hook-mounted measuring spoons and cups remove the need for drawer real estate. Spinning lazy Susan turntables in the refrigerator create easy access to items in back that normally go unused. A few clever adjustments like these help transform an impossibly small kitchen into a functional, clutter-free workspace. By utilizing space-conscious gadgets, storing goods vertically, and taking advantage of overhead nooks, I've discovered clever ways to attain full kitchen functionality in a small footprint. A few adaptive items and the willingness to organize vertically are all it takes to amplify a tiny kitchen.