Respect > Love


Mama Bear


Romantic movies and R&B songs often portray love as the ultimate goal and ideal in relationships. While love is wonderful, I've learned that respect is even more essential for any partnership to stand the test of time.

Love can be fleeting and fickle. Those butterfly feelings come and go, moods change, the chemicals fade. But respect – that's a conscious choice you make day after day. Respect doesn't depend on an emotional state, it's a steady practice of admiring your partner's inherent value and honoring their boundaries. Romantic love ebbs and flows. But a relationship characterized by mutual honor, esteem, and consideration goes the distance.

Respect means letting go of control and believing your partner is capable. It's demonstrating care for their dreams and goals, not just your own. It's speaking to them in a kind manner, even when you disagree. It's never belittling or taking them for granted. Respect fuels trust, compassion, generosity, and forgiveness.

Without respect at the foundation, relationships crumble for lack of safety and stability. But when both partners lead with respect, it provides a solid ground to weather difficult seasons and deepen intimacy. Respect allows room for each person to grow and evolve, avoiding the trap of putting your partner on a pedestal.

This steady practice of respect will serve your partnership better than any temporary feeling of infatuation. Build your relationship upon this strong cornerstone, and you'll have a foundation capable of sustaining real love and connection for a lifetime. Check out Papa Bear and my podcast on YouTube below. You can find Papa Bear at and