Parenting with Love


Mama Bear


There is so much emphasis on love languages for romantic relationships but have you ever considered what your child’s love language is? Does your child cozy up to you at every chance he/she gets? Physical touch is language here and the explanation for why your child would live in your skin, if it were possible. Does your child thoughtfully bring you a blanket when you’re sitting on the sofa and mention you’re feeling chilled? Your child thrives on acts of service. Does your child seem to emit a glow when you compliment his/efforts to make the bed? Words of affirmation mean most to your little one. Does your child like including you in playtime or invite you to watch a cartoon? Likely quality time is what your kiddo values most. Do the smallest tokens (gift) elicit squeals of joy and tons of hugs; if so, your child’s love language is gifts. These are just some examples of your child(ren) displaying their love languages. On the opposite side, yelling can truly fracture your kiddos self esteem if his/her love language is words of affirmation. Recognizing and understanding them will greatly improve your parenting techniques and subsequently your relationship. I will reiterate that children are people too. They are whole and complete already with personalities to match. It is our duty (dharma) to guide and nurture them.