Parent Timing VS Child Timing


Mama Bear


clear hour glass with brown frame
clear hour glass with brown frame

As parents, we can agree that leaving the house takes time and depending on the number of children in the household it can be a whole ordeal. I've learn to reduce frustration by understanding that my timing or pacing does not align with my child's. It is not realistic to expect a four year old to quickly put on his/her shoes and be waiting patiently by the door, unless this has been practiced in your home. It has not in mine; therefore it is unrealistic. Instead, I prepare to leave the night before by setting out the things we'll need for our outing, informing my son of our schedule during our nighttime rituals, physically lie out clothing, shoes, accessories and allot the approximate time plus a buffer to ensure we are not rushing and scrambling. Now in my fantasy world, this happens perfectly every time but in the real world it does not. This is where patience and grace come in. They are your best friends, use them accordingly.