In or OutSchool


Mama Bear


I stumbled across a great resource for us homeschooling parents. Have you heard of Outschool? Outschool is an online based platform that teaches various topics of interest for children. As parents, we want to inculcate the core academic lessons of math, writing and reading and while it is practical, it may not be effective. Variety in approach or instructor can greatly enhance learning especially if you are homeschooling solo. Enlisting others like tutors, co-ops, or online resources prevents burnout for solo parents. It provides a different teaching personality and fresh perspectives. Instructors with different specialties can focus on their strengths. For example, I handle math lessons well while my husband excels at reading instruction. Another point to consider is your child may respond better to a teacher other than you at times. The parent-child dynamic affects the learning environment. An outside instructor provides a neutral alternative. Using a variety of teaching methods and materials can help cover the same concepts in multiple ways, appealing to different learning styles. This increases the chance of a topic resonating with the student. Using various formats like videos, experiments, field trips, guest speakers, etc. makes lessons more stimulating and memorable compared to repetitive book work alone. It taps multiple intelligences. There is a delicate balance here. The key is balancing consistency with novelty to optimize learning outcomes. Variety spices up the curriculum without sacrificing academic coverage. It keeps you and your little one(s) excited about the process. If you’d like to give Outschool a try, use my referral code for a free lesson.