February Budgeting Recap


Mama Bear


a laundry room with a sink and a washer and dryer
a laundry room with a sink and a washer and dryer

February's been a whirlwind of budgeting wins and, well, a few unexpected twists. This month I experimented with some Etsy finds and a few DIY savings trackers. Check out Mama Bears Treasures section to get some awesome printables! Getting a visual on my spending was a huge eye-opener, especially when it came to groceries and those sneaky "extra" shopping trips. We did have some unplanned spending and ended up purchasing a new washer and dryer set, in hopes that a more energy efficient model would lower our utility costs. Okay, so the washer and dryer weren't part of the plan. BUT, we snagged a killer deal during Lowe's President's Day sale on an energy-efficient set. Fingers crossed those lower utility bills start rolling in soon. I've already noticed the drying time has been cut in half – a major win for my sanity. Based on January and February's spending, I'm setting a solid budget for March's household necessities. Let's see if this helps me stay on track!

February might not have been perfect, but it's all about progress, right? Whether you crushed your savings goals or had a few detours, remember: each month is a fresh start. Let's tackle March with the same determination! I hope your February budgeting and savings goals were met. If not, remember each month is a reset to start fresh and make changes to reach your goals.