Chosen Family


Mama Bear


This past weekend, I was blessed to spend time with my chosen family – my bestie and her family, along with my sister-in-love and hers. As we shared in simple joys – laughing together, watching our children play, cooking and communing over meals – I found myself reflecting deeply on the nature of familial bonds.

Family is traditionally defined as a group of people related by blood or by law through marriage. But over the past few years, my personal understanding of family has evolved. I've come to realize that family isn't just about biology or legal technicalities. For me, family is defined by love, presence, and support. It's the people who choose to show up for you and for whom you choose to show up.

My best friend and I have been through many ups and downs over the past two decades of sisterhood. We've celebrated each other's weddings, cried together during hard times, and laughed until our stomachs hurt. Her beautiful family embraces me as one of their own. My sister-in-love and I have not known each other as long, but we bond over our shared experience of motherhood. I know I can turn to her for encouragement, and she can rely on me for parenting advice and support.

This weekend was a heartwarming reminder that family extends far beyond blood relation. The warmth, joy, and comfort I feel with my chosen family nourishes my spirit in a way nothing else can. I am grateful beyond words for these remarkable people who love me unconditionally – not out of obligation, but out of choice. They are my family, regardless of DNA. Experiencing the gift of chosen family has expanded my understanding of what it truly means to belong. I aim to extend this same gift of unconditional family to others who may be longing for that sense of belonging. Going forward, I look for the ones who love and value my presence in their lives as I demonstrate the same.