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black smartphone near white pad
black smartphone near white pad

Over the last month I re-began my budget/saving journey. I started in 2018 while pregnant with my son but quickly lost interest, focus, desire after becoming engrossed in new parenthood. There are some useful things I learned this time around. Although the goal is saving, money spent is necessary. It doesn’t have to and shouldn’t be excessive but I’ve found several resources that helped. But before I share them, I want to reiterate that none of them are essential just useful. The most essential aspect is keeping a log, however you choose, of ALL your spending, I mean down to the penny. This will allow you to review and adjust accordingly.

Now as far as helpful items, I started with a google sheet (similar to Excel or Numbers) to categorize my finances. After getting sorted, I purchased an A6 binder, envelopes, labels, funny money and began allocating funds based on my household income, goals and expenses. I invite you to join me on create wealth by managing your finances.