Tachyon is a hypothetical particle that always travels faster than light.This is a presentation on why agility/speed is important for  businesses.

The Need for Speed
in Business​

The current business environment is characterized by time-based competition. Embracing speed in critical business processes contributes to improved performance. Understanding how to fulfill customer needs faster than their competitors pays real dividends on all fronts.​

The GROW Model​

  • Agile employees apply the GROW Model to help their organizations move forward.​
  • The GROW Model is the brainchild of Sir John Whitmore in the 1980s. It focuses on four action steps: Goal, Reality, Options, and Will.​


what's your goal?


what will you do now?


what are your options for moving forward?


what is your current situation?


Speed is Everything​

So far, this presentation has focused on speed/agility and why it is important for businesses.​

That’s an essential first step, but learning how to be quick requires more than the GROW Model.​

You need to embrace the Dharma and build leadership skills. Continuous learning builds responsibility and self-discipline.​

You should regularly plant the seeds and remove the weeds since the mind is a garden.​

Incorporating Speed in Business Operations​

In seeking speed in strategic implementation, three elements emerge- partnering, technology, and decision making.​

Use Partnership for Speed​

  • groups and diversity of religions- the same idea can be applied to businesses that want to incorporate speed on all fronts.​
  • Here, leaders should recognize the plurality of businesses and form partnerships with them.​
  • The partnerships will enhance a firm’s ability to move quickly by working together to identify secrets for offsetting challenges in the operating environment.

Use Technology to Accelerate Feedback​

  • Athletes consider technologies such as Nike Run Club App as powerful opportunities to reduce latencies in their training and performance.​
  • Similarly, business leaders should view technologies as valuable allies that will help them reduce delays that occur between the period a trend shapes the marketplace and the time needed to respond.​
  • Gaining fast and real-time market information can​
    help business leaders turn challenges into strategic gains.​

Accelerate Decision Making​

  • The Army’s 82nd Airborne Division can be deployed rapidly with just 18 hours’ notice and thus requires soldiers and their officers to make quick decisions when conducting forcible entry parachute assaults​
  • Quickly making strategic choices is a prerequisite for experiencing a host of benefits to personal and professional life.